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An extremely powerful and efficient truck-mounted sweeper for use at airports. The AS660 boasts outstanding suction power and glycol recovery, a large and a large water volume for long sweeping distances
and maximum efficiency.

  • Outstanding sweeping performance even when cornering, thanks to excellent coverage with disc brush, feed roller and suction shaft.

  • Greatly reduced brush wear, thanks to adjustable brush pressure and speed.

  • Electrically controlled water jets with maximum flexibility through operation via ES control panel.

  • Dust-free collection of debris thanks to water jets in the suction shaft, on the disc brush and feed roller.

  • With a self-supporting frame, the sweeper can be mounted to any conventional Class 7 truck chassis, provide that the requirements for approval in terms of load capacity are met.


  • Hopper Volume:

    9.2 yd³

  • Hopper Tipping Angle:


  • Fan Drive System:


  • Fan Drive Speed:

    2,100–3,100 rpm

  • Standard Water Tank Volume:

    422 gal

  • Hydraulic Oil Tank Volume:

    34 gal

  • Transport Speed:

    0–55 mph

  • Working Speed:

    0–14 mph

  • Basic machine* unladen weight (no options):

    9,370 lbs

  • Basic machine* with dual design unladen weight:

    10,250 lbs

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